4 Months!

Today I am 4 months old.  I’m 26.3″ and am 13.9lbs.  That puts me in the 98% for height, and 55% for weight.  Growing like a weed!



(And I found my toes 🙂 )

Dirty Girl

This weekend Mommy and Auntie Tammy ran the Dirty Girl.  I got to cheer them on with my  shirt that said ‘Run, Mommy, Run!’ & ‘Run, Auntie, Run!’.  The back also showed that I’m a Future Dirty Girl!  A fun time was had by all!IMG_5794IMG_5806

That Conference

We just spent a couple of days at That Conference at the Khalahari in the Dells.  It was a family oriented conference that daddy went to, he was even a speaker.  I got a sweet shirt and name badge.  While daddy was going to presentations, mommy and I spent time in the waterpark.