New Glarus

Dad was gone this weekend, but mom and I managed to survive.  On Friday, Grandma & Grandpa came over for the day, and Grandpa finished the trim on the windows in my room.  Now the windows just need blinds and valances to be hung, and my room will be completely finished!  On Saturday, mom and I went to a cook out.  Sunday was the most fun day!  UK, Auntie Tammy, Auntie Megan, and I took a trip to New Glarus.  It started with a stop to get some cheese and fudge, then to the New Glarus Brewery, and then to a German restaurant for some cheese fondue & Schnitzel!!!!!  When we got back from New Glarus, dad was home, and I was happy to see him and cuddle with him!

Oh, and I’m 6 weeks old today 🙂

965684_10200808310626892_1899942728_oGetting our cheese & fudge!

963957_10200808310426887_1110853550_oUK showing me his favorite part of the tour!

IMG_0220 Hanging out in the beer garden!

IMG_0239 Glad dad is home!!!



Busy Weekend!

We had a very busy weekend, and I met lots of new people!  On Friday, mom and I went to some rummage sales and I got some pink crocs!!  They are still slightly big, and I can kick them off, but soon enough they’ll fit.  Then mom took me to where she used to work, and I met lots of people!  Friday night I took a nap with my frog rattle, and dad also gave me a bottle!!  Then Saturday we took a trek to Sparta and I met a lot of dad’s family.  I did so good all day- but slept most of it, which meant I didn’t want to sleep much at night :).   Today I am 5 weeks old!

IMG_0768 IMG_0773 IMG_0199 IMG_0205