Big Weekend!!!

I had a big weekend!!!  I went on my first trip- up to Grandma & Grandpa Kohlwey’s cabin. I did really well in the car, and had a great time up north.  Between Grandma, Grandpa, Candy, and Tom & Pam Marion, I think I was held the entire time- Mom & Dad barely held me… they are lucky I still know who they are!  I also got a pretty, very soft blanket that Candy made for me- it matched my outfit perfectly!!!


I was told that a trip up to the cabin isn’t complete without a pontoon cruise, so I got to go on my first pontoon cruise too!


Lastly- while we were there I turned 4 weeks!  Mom and Dad didn’t bring my giant bear for the picture, they said the car was too full with all the other things they needed to bring for me.  Instead, we did more of an up north theme.  I might be too little to ski now, but just wait, in a few years I’ll be using mom’s ski!



Hope everyone had a fun and safe Memorial Day weekend!!!