It’s a Girl!

Kenzie Suzanne June Johnson was born at 8:37pm on April 28th.  She is 7lbs 14oz, and 22.5 in long.  Chris and I are completely in love.  Everything went really well, and everyone is healthy and happy.  Our first night in the hospital couldn’t have gone better.  We can put Kenzie in her little crib awake, and she’s perfectly content.  Hopefully she’ll continue with that!  Here is one of our first family pictures!


Kenzie had her first visitor this morning, and got a puppy stuffed animal.  She is getting used to what it’ll be like when she comes home to Scooter & Miley 🙂


Final Countdown

We are now in the final countdown.  Baby is due in less than 2 weeks! (April 30th!).  We have been very busy finishing up projects around the house.  Our projects that started last July are basically all wrapped up.  The nursery is just about done. The only thing not completed are the new windows upstairs… but not our fault!  They came to instal the windows, and 4 of the 6 windows were ordered wrong, and have to be re-ordered, meaning they won’t come in before baby arrives.  Other than that, everything came together very nicely, and we are basically as ready as we will be for baby to come…


Nursery is complete as it will be, just waiting for baby to come!!!

38 Weeks

38 weeks- 2 more to go!!!  Baby is allowed to come at any time now!